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Report using Main table and connected child tables

Question asked by MichaelHemberger1003 on May 21, 2012
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Report using Main table and connected child tables


Using FM12

I need help on how to make an student inspection report based on the following:

Main table is called STUDENTS

Each student has a related room tables :  KITCHEN, LIVINGROOM, BATH,  etc.

Each room has inspection fields with potential charges such as the KITCHEN. 

For example in the KITCHEN there are fields like:  Clean_Oven, Replace_Microwave, General Cleaning, etc. Each field has a charge amount like $7.00, $15.00, etc.

From this database I need to create a report that will print the students name from the record and then go to each related room table and if any room has charges, each charge needs to be a line item on the report and then totaled. I assume I need some kind of script or something to go thru each student then each students related tables.....

So the report would look like if the students deposit was greater than the charges.


Jane Doe       Room 302C                                  Security Deposit  $250.00


Description                                                                Amount

Clean Oven                                                                 $7.00

Repair Tile                                                                $85.00


Total Charges        $92.00                      Refunded Amt($158.00)