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Report using unqiue ID

Question asked by MT_2 on May 8, 2015
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Report using unqiue ID


Hi, hoping someone can help....

We have two tables "Contacts" & "Product" when a new client is received a new record in the client table is created, then each client could end up with multiple records in the product table. I am trying to create a report using Sub Summaries.

The report I am trying to create needs to look at how many "Product" records have been created in a certain date range, sort if by the advisor that spoke to client and then look to see of the records created how many of them have a unique ID, the unique ID is the field "Client ID"  i.e if John Smith bought 6 products I only want to report 1 as the result as each record would have the same "Client ID" but a different "Product ID" therfeore the "Advisor" may have been given 5 clients sold to 4 of them so I am trying to do a report works out various bits but starts with the below....

Number of Leads (equals total number of unique client ID's 

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.