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Report with only a portion of the records hidden

Question asked by mmccarty on Jul 20, 2009
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Report with only a portion of the records hidden


          I want to create a report that sums the money received for all tasks. Every task is from one for five Areas. So I create a layout that pulls from tasks with a subsummary by Areas and a summary field in the the subsummary part. My boss doesn't want to see all the tasks just the summary. Normmaly that would be easy ( no body) but he does wants to see the tasks for Area 5. More specifically:

Area 1: 33,222
Area 2: 67,089
Area 3: 65,879
Area 4: 84,494
Area 5:
     Task 1  7,900
     Task 2  8,978
     Task 3  4,988

If I try to hide the other tasks with conditional formating, I will have a report with a lot of white space. If I omit the other tasks then the sums for Areas 1-4 will be incorrect.
Any ideas would be helpful.