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Report with page advance

Question asked by JamesEwing on Nov 16, 2010
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Report with page advance


I have a database of records of payment.  I can print a payment report by searching by individual, sorting by payment type and printing the report.  I would like to print a report that searches and sorts the entire database then prints the individual's payment records.  When an individual's report is printed it should form feed for the next individual.  Each individual has between 12 and 30 payments and I would like all the payments on a single sheet.

The database has 125 individuals so doing the report one person at a time is extremely cumbersome and time consuming.

Thanks for your help, I tried to do what you suggested, but it wouldn't allow me to do it.  Here is the report as I have it now.  Is there a better... cleaner way to build the report? I forgot to mention that there are 1 to 6 different types of payments which should be subtotaled, then the entire report totaled.