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    Report Writing Assistance



      Report Writing Assistance


      It's been years since I've worked with FMP (Version 5 I think) and was pretty good at that--but it sure has changed and I need to ask for help. I apologize for what may be a "rookie" question. I "volunteered" to help update an old Filemaker database I created years ago. Our organization has upgraded to Lion, so we now have FMP 12 and running the old database is not an option.

      I have a list of people who have a choice of serving at one of two times, and in two of twelve months. Right now I have constructed the database to record the service choice in one field, and then the two months chosen in two fields: Month_1 and Month_2. Each of those fields has a choice of all 12 months.

      I'd like to write a report showing each month and the team of people assigned to that month--so twelve teams per service time, with most people in two different months. I never could get this to work in older versions, and am hoping that the new FMP may have an alternative.

      I can place Month_1 in the report as a sub-summary and show people who have volunteered for Month_1. That works fine for the first six months, but I can't figure out how to show the other volunteer month (Month_2).

      Prior to this, I tried one field, but required two months chosen in that single field (Months_Chosen), but was unable to figure out how to structure the layout so that people who volunteered for January, for example, showed up, then people who volunteered for February, etc.

      I may be asking for something that can't be done, but thought I'd take a shot. Any help would be appreciated.

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          I think you want to have a list for the first 6 months that may have 50 volunteers listed by month, and then the next 6 months listing with another 50 volunteers, some of whom may be the same volunteer as listed in the previous 6 months.

          You can't do that because you only have one record for the volunteer, so it can only be placed in the listing once.  You could of course find the first 6 months and then separately find the second 6 months, but that is too limiting.

          You need to create another table ('File' in FMP5) called VolunteerDate (or something) with one record representing one volunteering 'event' - one record for one volunteer for one event (month).  You can still have the table of Volunteers showing one record per volunteer.  You can have a portal (new feature since FMP5) to show all the Volunteering Events that volunteer has signed up for.

          You can have a global field on the Volunteer's record that has a pop-up value list of the months.  Beside it have a button 'Log this volunteer for this month' and when you click it it creates a record in the VolunteerDate table for that volunteer, that month.

          Yoy can then run the listing you want from that table.

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            You can have a portal (new feature since FMP5) to show all the Volunteering Events that volunteer has signed up for.

            ah actually, we've had portals since the release of FileMaker 3. Wink

            And Sorbuster's excellent solution would have also worked in FileMaker 5 had you structured your data in that fashion. An alternative to the global field is to set up a field directly in the portal for logging a volunteer for working that specific month. That can be a little bit simpler as you don't have to use a script to create your records in the portal,

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              "ah actually, we've had portals since the release of FileMaker 3" We did?  I almost can't believe that.  Thought Lookups were the only connection until about 5.  Shows my memory doesn't span the centuries too well.

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                Filemaker 3 was the first relational version of FileMaker. Portals were included as a feature with that version. Prior to 3, we had flat file systems.

                Ok, nuff said, no retiring to the "old timers corner"...Wink

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                  Thanks to you both for the suggestions. I'll spend some time trying to get myself up-to-speed on the new Filemaker and see if I can get them implemented.