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Report/Layout with montlhy totals

Question asked by FilipePimentel on Nov 7, 2013
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Report/Layout with montlhy totals


     Hello there. 

     I am building a accounting db and I have got stuck in a report. I need to produce a report where the values of expenses and revenue for each month are totaled up per month and they keepo it running every month (they just get added up to the report


     month   Revenue   Expenses  difference

     jan            1000              500           +500

     feb            2000             1000          +1000

     mar          3000               2000       +1000

     apr            4000              6000       -2000


     The problem I am finding is that I only have one table for the values - I mean the field amount is on the same table for revenue and expense. I sort everything with at the beginning when I set the field for revenue or expenses transaction


     I hope I explained myself well.