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Question asked by anicolais on Jul 21, 2009
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I have a relational database with 4 layouts. 1.Account 2.Contact Info 3.Comments 4.Attempts. What I am doing right now is when you go to the contact info layout it is the contacts that are related to that account. When you press a button it brings up a portal to enter comments on the contact info layout. This essentially creates a new record in comments and date stamps it. When attempts button is clicked it brings up a portal on the contact info page that shows the date this was clicked essentially creating a new attempts record with a date stamp. What I am trying to do is create a report that tracks both attempts and contacts from todays date and 5 days before. How would I do this in the same report? And also what is the easiest way to have account name, Contact name, and comments in this report. Any info on any part of this would be helpful.