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      I am trying to create a report showing all orders for a day.

      I have a script that calls a dialog box for input, then enters find mode, enters the data from the dialog box and perform find. ie


      Show Custom Dialog [Title "Search by Log Out Date";Message: "Please enter a date for the report to be based on."; Buttons: "OK", "Cancel"; Input#1:DIG_REORDER_AU::reports_log_out_date_search, "Enter Date"]


        Go to Layout["reorders_dispatch_report" (DIG_REORDER_AU)

        Enter Find Mode []

        Insert Calculated Result [DIG_REORDER_AU::log_out_date; DIG_REORDER_AU::DIG_REORDER_AU::reports_log_out_date_search

        Perform Find []

       Else If[Get(LastMessageChoice)=2

        Go To Layout["report_menu" (DIG_REORDER_AU)]


      The problem I have is the 'insert calculated result' step will not enter the value in the field so the find request fails.

      both the search and target fields are date formatted and 'select entire contents' is selected.

      Am I going about this the wrong way, I would appreciate any pointers.