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           I have a table with records, and each record has +- 50 fields.

           Depending on the phone call these fields can be marked with a 0 or 1 (boolean) and at the end of the phone call I would like to generate a letter that can be send via mail or email where a summary/sommation can be seen what has been told during the phone call. I would especially like to show only the fiels marked with 1.

           What is the most straightforward way to tackle this problem?




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               Option 1:

               Replace these fields with records in a related table--one record for each value selected. Then your report simply lists these selected values. It is possible to set this up and still have a check box formatted interface for selecting the values during the phone call.

               Option 2:

               Replace these fields with a single text field and a 50 item value list and a check box format. If you put a large sized edit box formatted copy of this field on your report layout, it will list only the selected values and can be set to slide up/resize enclosing part to adjust to the number of values actually selected. This option is easier to set up than 1, but less flexible when it comes to reporting--especially if you wan to see summary statistics broken down by the number of phone calls that have a given value selected.