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Reporting a portal

Question asked by LeszekŁuczkanin on Mar 22, 2014
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Reporting a portal


     I have table "Person" and "Place"

     I have link table "Move" with fields:

     _pkMove   ::Person     ::Place       MoveDate


     Each person was in few places, moving from one to another.



     I made a report grouped:

     Year (MoveDate)

     ::Person     ::Place      Move Date



     In this report I have only LAST place, where person is at this moment. But I would like to add a field to report with place from which person move to actual place.


     ::Person        ::LastPlace       ::CurrentPlace      MoveDate


     I don't know how to made this.

     Simple way to do this is adding a field in table Move and fill it manually, but I have more than 1000 records and I'm looking for a simplier method.

     It could be useful to have a range of time person spent in place. I wish to add a field "DateEnd" and auto fill it with a date of next move minus one day. It is kind difficult to fill it manually.

     Any ideas, please?