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    Reporting all information



      Reporting all information


      I have two Tables. One is Fields (as in farm), and another is Invoices. I have the two tables shown in portals on one layout so I can select multiples of each at the same time. I have to be able to do this to apply a certain amount of fertilizer or chemical to several fields all at once. My problem is that I cannot report all the information. It either shows the first line of the invoice and all the fields or the first line of the fields and all the invoice. the relationship is an automatic serial number. 


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          Looks like a "many to many" relationship where you need at least three tables instead of two to properly record what you are doing here--and possibly more tables than that.

          Invoices---<Applications>----FarmFields     (One----<Many)

          Invoices::InvoiceID = Applications::InvoiceID
          FarmFields::FieldID = Applications::FieldID

          In your portal to applications, you'd use a drop down of FieldID's and names to select a Field for each chemical application record. That way, you have a single portal where each row documents both what is being applied and to which field.