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    Reporting change over prior period



      Reporting change over prior period


           I am trying to track change (positive or negative) from prior periods, but I do not know how to script in the database.  Basically, it would look something like this:

           Week End 1/12/2013: 7

           Week End 1/19/2013:  10

           Change from week prior:  3

           These numbers will come from the summary line of weekly report.

           Please let me know if you need further information to answer the question.  Thanks.

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               What is the structure of your database? Do you have one record for each day? For each week? More than one for each day?

               The basic method is to use a calculation field that computes the date for the preceding time period to be used with a relationship that then matches to only the records from that preceding time period that you want to summarize to get a value for your change calculation.

               But the details depend on the records in your table as per my questions at the start of this post. Often, you need yet another calcualiton field that comptues a common value for every record that falls in that time period.