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    Reporting help



      Reporting help


      Im trying to build a monthly report.


      i have these feilds in a table.




      hourly rate



      i need to build a report that will catagorize this all by month.


      say the report will find all records from 01/02/2009..31/02/2009

      add all the totals for a grand total for that month


      im pretty new at this and also taking the 99 dollar filemaker course so any help would bne greatly appreciated.


      thanx to all in advance

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          If your month field is of type "Date", you could:


          Enter find mode

          Enter 2/2009   in the month field (for all February 2009 records)

          Perform the find


          To see a grand total of all these records you just found, Define a summary field.

          If you define the summary field as a total of your "total" field, it'll compute the grand total of that field.


          If you look up Sub-Summary parts and learn how to use them, you can even use this field to show a  monthly subtotal for a group of records that span more than a month.

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            thank you for teh quick reply


            month field is of type "Date"

            i have a summary field as a total of your "total" field


            But when i try to generate a report its really off


            so im at a complete loss and i dont know how to explain it any further.


            say i want it to be catagorized by month. so it would look at all teh records in that month range.

            and instead of having 20 diffrent dayes for that month it will just show up like this.




                        hours             hourly rate                total


                                                                                         Summary of all teh totals




            I hope this is a little more clear to my previous explination







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              Check out sub-summary reports in the help file. The trick I'm about to outline creates that kind of report to do what you want.


              1. First, we need a field that has the same exact value for every record of the same month and year.
              2. Let's change your "Month" field name to "DateFld".
              3. Define a new Month field and define it as a calculation field set to return a Date type: Date ( Month ( DateFld ) ; 1 ; Year ( DateFld ) )
              4. Now go to your report layout, enter layout mode and use Layouts | Part Setup... to create a new layout part.
              5. Select "Sub-Summary when sorted by" and select the Month field. (You can choose the Print Below or Print Above option it doesn't matter which.)
              6. Click OK and Done to get back to the layout.
              7. Place the Month (or DateFld), Hours, hourly rate, Total (the summary field) in this new part.
              8. You can use Format | Date... to specify a date format for either Month or DateFld to show only the month/year.
              9. Click on the part label tab for your body layout part and press the delete key to delete it.
              10. Use Part Setup to add a Trailing Grand Summary Part to your layout.
              11. Add the same Total summary field to this layout part.
              12. Return to browse mode and sort your records by month.
              13. If you are using FMP 9 or older enter Preview Mode. In FMP 10, you can stay in Browse mode.


              You should now see a report with one row per month, displaying a monthly total followed by a grand total at the bottom.

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                   ththank you for teh help but im still screwed as i still cant figure this out. the help was very much appreciated.
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                     If you can refer to my list of steps and let me know where you encounter trouble. I'll see if I can't elaborate the step in more detail.