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reporting help needed

Question asked by denno on Nov 13, 2013
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reporting help needed


     I have a database that is used for reviewing ultrasounds performed by physicians. I need to create a report that looks at a specified date range then displays each physician, total number of ultrasounds performed in that date range by that physician and the number of ultrasounds by each physician in that date range marked as "billable".


     I had this working before I added the date range requirement by creating a related table that only displayed "billable".


     The date range is entered with a script that shows a custom dialog that sets variables $$START, $$END and $$RANGE. I can't figure out how to limit the related table. I tried creating a new calc field that equals $$RANGE and used that in the relationship but it didn't work.


     Hopefully I've provided enough info here for some suggestions...