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Reporting is not working correctly what Have I done wrong

Question asked by DavidChatterton on Oct 18, 2014
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Reporting is not working correctly what Have I done wrong


I am trying to build a database to use for test sheet recording

I have built the database and it stores all the information ok at the moment but what I need is to print the information


Along with other tables I have a table for test results and a table for the distribution board that the test results are from


Each result and DB table has a foreign key from the report ID so all the tests and DBs are linked to the same ID Number and I have proved that this is so


When I have made a print layout I have used a sub-summary to show the results sorted by the DB and it all works fine until I add a new report


What happens is it shows all the details from the new report in a leading summary but it shows all the test results and DB’s from the previous report as well as the new details even though the new details FKID match the report and the previous details FKID match the previous report


I hope I have made sense it is all a bit complicated to me but if I have missed anything let me know