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Reporting Issue- Filemaker 10 Pro

Question asked by Ziad on Jun 23, 2010
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Reporting Issue- Filemaker 10 Pro


hi there


i'm running on file maker a software to make things easy and faster, i'm working in a propertyg observer firm, the government will instruct me (Order No./unique/)  to inspectg a project site( Project No. /unique/), as u may imagine, so basically we are doing this inspection through the developer only (Developer No./unique/) who can take us and provide us with all the attested documents and bla bla bla,


-each developer has so many projects

-each project could have more than 1 inspections (more than one order)


i'm having two tables,


one with all info about projects and the inspections done arranged by date in a portal


the second table is to insert and review each inspection based on the project No. and the ORDER No. (for inserting the Order and the Project Nos.) (for reviewing, one of them is enough and it could be by the developer No.)


the thing is now i'm required to design a report where i can see all the the projects's latest inspection  results for each developer,


i.e "Developer Name"

Table that contains each project with its latest inspection result.



the only existing relationship that i have now is Project No. between of the two tables. but i'm still going no where, any SUGGESTIONS PLEASE?