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Reporting on checkbox values

Question asked by JG on Mar 26, 2013
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Reporting on checkbox values


     I've been using a checkbox set for a field to make it easy for users to keep the data consistent in a situation where any combination of items is allowed. For example:

     Event Table --> Module Field. Module Field has checkboxes for user input, and the checkbox list provides: Module A, Module B, Module C, etc up to Module F as options. User must tick at least one, and up to 6 (all) of the options.

     However, I now want to create a report that counts how many times each module has been run over a month/year. Since the checkbox turns the input into a text list, I'm getting results that don't let me pull that information out cleanly. For example:

     Event 1: Module A
     Event 2: Module B
     Event 3: Module A, Module B

     I want a report that tells me Module A has been run twice and Module B has been run twice. However, Filemaker treats this as Module A once, Module B once and Module A, Module B once. Which is correct as far as the checkboxes go, but not actually what I'm looking for. Especially since any combination of the 6 modules is allowed and expected.

     Is there some way I can separate the info in Event 3 easily in a report layout? Or is there a better option than using checkboxes for this kind of data?