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Reporting on Records with Calculated Fields (NOT SUMMARIES OR TOTALS)

Question asked by mlprice_1 on May 13, 2009
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Reporting on Records with Calculated Fields (NOT SUMMARIES OR TOTALS)


I have a database record that contains a timestamp for when the record was created. In addition, when I display the report, I wish to calculate the time difference between the time of the report and the time the report was created in days, hours, minutes. I.e. each line contains an age of the record. 


I included a calculated field in the record for days to begin with. It works, but it works once. If I advance the date on the computer, the calculated age in days does not change.


In addition, this calculation is screwing up my "who modified this record" field as FileMaker seems to view the calculation as the record being modified, as it should I suppose, though I have a couple ways to work around this. If there is a correct way to do the "who modified the record" thing, I'd appreciate knowing.


My primary problem is the aging problem. How do I get the calculated value to calculate when the report layout is displayed?


Do I write a script that finds all records, performs the calculation for all records or something?


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.