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Reporting percentages of subtotals and totals on a report

Question asked by med on Jan 17, 2012
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Reporting percentages of subtotals and totals on a report


I designed a report to list only the summaries of the number of orders sold and the number of orders returned and their percentages for each geographic location. The report also shows the grand totals.

for the percentage I created a calculation field =   if(totalorderssold=0;0;totalordersreturned/totaalorderssold/100)

where totalorderssold and totalorders returned are summary fields.

when I look at the report I see that the totals and subtotals are correct BUT the percentage column is carrying the same value in all lines which is the percentage of grand totals 

I am not able to have the report display the percentage of EACH subsummary

I also tried to put a different field in the subsummary band showing 

getsummary(totalordersreturned;location)/getsummary(totalorderssold;location) but that is not displaying anything

What am I doing wrong?