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Reporting problem

Question asked by kunaaldesai on Sep 21, 2009
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Reporting problem


Hey guys,

               I am trying to generate a report from Filemaker. I am using Filemekr Pro 9 and I have a field called Prize name in my database and I am keeping track of Prize distribution in a table I have. Now My report is a summary of Prize wise distribution. Which would be like 10 people took away the Hood and 14 people took away the waterbottle. I am using report with group data  with Prize_name as the sorting field and I am using "Count summary" field for keeping track of the number which, instead of  letting it be in by default place, I am adding as a field in the lay out and dragging it in the line of Prize_name just to avoid distribution.


It looks really bad in a way that if I have 90 people taking away the hood then it adds 90 thin lines below that and if I have 10 then it does enter 10 thin  lines as well. It ends up looking so bad that according to number of records found it shows different margins in between.


I want attach an image with this but  don't see an option here.


do you know how to get rid with this problem?