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    Reporting question



      Reporting question


       I have a table with events and dates.  The events repeat, each record having a different date.  How can I create a report that lists events by the latest date?  I need something like max date for each event.  I tried creating a field in the table with maximum event date, but that gives me the max event date in the table.

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          I am guessing that you have data that looks like this:

          Event ABC 12/31/2011
          Event ABC 1/31/2012
          Event ABC 2/5/2012

          Event XYZ 2/3/2011
          Event XYZ 2/1/2012

          and you want to see this in your report:

          Event ABC 2/5/2012
          Event XYZ 2/1/2012

          If so, set up a layout based on this table of events. Remove the body layout part and replace it with a sub summary part "when sorted by event".

          Put a summary field, sLatestDate, defined to compute the maximum of your date field inside this sub summary part along with the desired event name and description fields.

          Enter browse mode and sort your records by the same field that you specified as "when sorted by" in the sub summary part and select "view as list".