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Reporting Summary Fields

Question asked by jimscott77 on Nov 17, 2012
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Reporting Summary Fields


     We are developing reports from an external SQL database for which we do not have writing priviledges.  One of the tables, PAYMENTS, is a list of transactions with the following significant fields.

     ClientID, AccountNumber, TransactionDate, BeginningBalance, PaymentAmount, EndingBalance

     For a given reporting period (monthly) we want to summarize the transactions shown in the table.

     Summarize by year(TransactionDate)
     Summarize by month(TransactionDate)
     Summarize by ClientID
     Summarize by AccountNumber

     Max(BeginningBalance) : shows balance before the first transaction
     Sum(PaymentAmount): shows the total of all payments made
     Min(EndingBalance): shows the balance after the final transaction

     The report has no BODY
     The AccountNumber and other fields are shown in the AccountNumber summary section

     Report subtotals are the problem:

     We cannot summarize the BeginningBalance nor the EndingBalance.
     We need to summarize the Maxes of the BeginningBalances and the Minimums of the EndingBalances

     Thanks for your help

     Jim S