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Reporting using date ranges in summary

Question asked by alexasb_1 on Jan 31, 2010
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Reporting using date ranges in summary


I am trying to arrange a weekly report for our sales team and I am almost there. Basically, I want the main body of the report to show the up-to-date staus and information on all our current customers (for the year to date) (which I have done and have written a script to automate). I also have included in a trailing grand summary a summary of this information (ie number of applications year to date, number of sales year to date etc) - which is basically a 'summary count field' of the relevant fields. But, here is where I get stuck! I have been asked to include on this same report (next to the year to date figures) details for the last week. I can do this by just creating a new report for the last 7 days and getting the trailing summary data - but is there any way to show the year to date figures and the last 7 day figures on the same report, next to each other?

for example:


Applications rec'd YTD: 320, last 7 days: 4

Sales made YTD: 150, last 7 days: 1


I would have thought it was quite simple with a 'count' field and date range - but can't seem to work it out!


Any help would be really appreciated!