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reporting year-to-date values and last year-to-date also

Question asked by med on Nov 16, 2011
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reporting year-to-date values and last year-to-date also


I have a table which keeps the weekly totals of different values of sales and cash and other performance indicators.

The table has about 95 numeric fields. I need to produce a weekly report showing thes values together with y-t-d value and last year y-t-d also. The first thing I can think of is to create summary fields for each field I have but I feel that this will not acheive my purpose because it might work if I am listing all weeks, but I need only the current week then the y-t-d's, plus the fact that I am increasing the number of table fields to double..

I am hoping that there is a function or a way to summarize all felds at once into an array and then use its elements to display in the report.

I also have 2 other question:

1-does adding calculation fields increase the size of the table if I use the option not to store calculation results?

2- does adding a summary field increase the size of the table?