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    Reporting--combining reports



      Reporting--combining reports


      Hi everyone....again.  Questions about reporting.  Hope someone can offer a little advice.

      Im trying to combine several reports and have not been having any luck (maybe it's not possible).

      I tried using several subsummary parts, but instead of dividing all the info by groups, in combines them.  I'll enclose some screen shots.

      Basically, I have equipment, for customers, I service.  The reports would give me a list of all the components on all the equipment in the field.  This would be helpful for inventory for all annual service calls, as well as inventory (parts on the truck).

      Heres what I have (Equipment Table)

      And some samples of the reports.

      Any help is always greatly appreciated.  Let me know if you need more info.




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          2nd screenshot

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            last screenshot

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              The screen shots don't tell us all that much about how you have structured your data.

              It looks like you are using individual fields to list different items of equipment where you should use a related table where one record lists the nozzle and another record in the same table uses the same set of fields to list the aquastat control.

              Then a summary report can list all such items in a single report--for just one equipment record or a group of them. The same layout works either way, but you pull up a found set of a different group of records for each of these types of reports.

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                Hi Phil, thanks for the reply.  As usual, you are wayyyyyyy above my level of understanding.  Maybe I can give you a little more insight. 

                The first screen shot is a record of one customer's equipment.  Many of the fields are drop down, or pop ups with choices (of course).

                My reporting goal is to take all the different fields and combine them into one report, with totals of each component to their HVAC System.  ( I don't need every field, just the ones that will require me to stock parts.

                An example of the report I'm trying to concieve would go something like this:


                     Nozzle Brand

                          nozzle 1 - 7  "Nozzle 1" being a name on the value list, and "7" being a total.

                          nozzle 2 - 4 etc,   Immediately followed by


                          filter type 1 - 4  again, "filter type 1" picked off a value list, and "4" being the total.

                          filter type 2 - 3  etc.

                     Pump Strainer

                          pump strainer 1 - 3

                          pump strainer 2 - 6

                Are you saying I need to create related table (or table occurance) to pull all equipment item onto, regardless of customer name, then do summary reporting off of this table?

                Heres a screenshot of the relationship tables




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                  I must assume from what you have posted that your report represents a list of the parts needed for a group of equipment records (at least 11 by the numbers shown in your example).

                  You need a related table for the parts list.

                  It might have these fields:

                  PartType (Nozzle, Filter, Pump Strainer, etc.)
                  Qty (number of this type of part needed for this one piece of equipment, needed only if some equipment needs more than one part of the same type)

                  You may need other fields, but this is the minimum.

                  You'd add it to your existing relationships like this:

                  Equipment::Equipment ID Matching Field = Parts::EquipmentID

                  And you can set up a portal on your equipment layout where you select a part type in the portal and then fill in the other fields to describe that part.

                  A summary report layout based on the parts table can then be set up to produce your report.

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                    Thanks again Phil, your solutions seems to be the best way (there was never any doubt :) ).  I'll give it a try

                    Thanks again for taking the time to help.