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      I conduct training programmes for ambulance personnel. Some of the fields in my database are:



      Course name

      Course start date(month/year)


      Course completion date (month/year)

      Course location

      First name

      Last name





      How do I generate a script for a report  which shows age, gender, course name, location and start date




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          Based on what you wrote, you simply need a layout that contains the fields you want, not a script.

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            Thanks for the reply. I am new to this and may not have asked the question correctly. I would like to be able to generate reports on different queries.

            For example:


            Female students (gender)

            Trained in First Aid (course name) 

            From january to june 2009 (course start date)

            At port-of-spain (course location)

            Between the ages of 20-50 (age)



            I hope this is a bit more clear. 


            Thanks again

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              That is a very specific search criteria, and I am sure you do not want to script such a specific search criteria.


              If you are looking for help in performing finds in FileMaker Pro, I suggest you look at FileMaker Pro's help. 


              If you are looking for help in basic script writing, I suggest you look at FileMaker Pro's help and FileMaker Pro's templates. The templates contain a number of basic scripts that serve as good examples to learn.

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                Create one layout for the report, how do you want the report to look.  Layouts are for how it looks on the screen as well as how it will look on paper. 


                Create one layout with the fields you want to search on. Fields on the search criteria layout might be different that the those on the actual report.  


                A script could go to the search layout, to select criteria for the report, perform the finds and then present the report on screen followed by options to direct it to print.


                A script is not required to generate a report.  Scripts are used to consolidate repetitive steps simplifying a process.  As suggested, study the help files to build a layout for your report.  Read the help for PERFORMing FINDS.  That will get you started to what you need.  It is not a hard process, just jump in.