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      Thank u for ur Help :-)

      Now I have a parts list table, and a Model Table (where I can choose the parts needed for a particular model) but now I was wondering how can  I make a report w/ this table I would like to have in this report the parts needed for a model (which I think I already figured out) but I also want to appear the part number quantity needed for a particular model and the component to which that part number belongs to example fabric, frame, etc...Where should I add those fields?


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          Add those fields to the join table. (I hope I am remembering your earlier posts accurately.) You can use a layout based on the join table for your report. To list all parts for a given model, you can either use Go TO Related Records from the Model layout or you can perform a find for all Join records with a specified Model ID to get a list of all parts. You can add fields from both parts and Models to this layout and they will display the correct data from the related record.