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Question asked by DanielJenkins on Feb 4, 2015
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Hi, can anyone help me set up reports and scripts for them please?

I am trying to create two reports "Summer bookings" and "Winter bookings"
The script for summer bookings is:
Go to Layout ["Summer Bookings" (Bookings)]
Perform Find [Restore]

The find criteria is "01/04/2015 ... 30/09/2015"

How can i set it up so the year in the criteria changes to the current year, each year?
So next year it would input 2016 into that criteria?

Also, the reports are in list view, but I'm having a problem that one record is displayed on one form?
Below is a screenshot showing what I mean. How can i display multiple records on one form?

In addition to this, If i wanted to created a script to show bookings within 30 days from the current date?
What would I put as the Find Criteria?

Thanks in advance, Daniel.