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    Reports (layouts) over time



      Reports (layouts) over time


           I need to make many reports (layouts) that present summary data over time. 

           The database has a timestamp field and for every minute of every day will have about 30 entries.


           I need to make reports that summarize (either total, average, etc).  Results per day, per week, per month, per year.


           Do I need to create a field for each day, week, month, year or is there a way to 'group' by that feature using the timestamp. 


           I know I already need to create each of those other summary field  (total, avg, etc) for the many fields shown already, right?



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               To group records, there needs to be a common value in a field so that when you sort records with this field as part of the sort order, it groups them within your layout's found set. Then Sub summary layout parts based on the same field can display group (aggregate) values such as a total, count, average... in a summary field.

               Here are some examples of calculation fields you can add to this table to produce such "group by" values:

               cDay:       GetAsDate ( TimeStampField )

               cMonth: Let ( D = GetAsDate ( TimeStampField ) ; D - Day ( D ) + 1 ) // returns date for first day of same month

               cWeek: Let ( D = GetAsDate ( TimeStampField ) ; D - DayOfWeek ( D ) + 1 ) // returns date for first day of same week (Sunday)