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    Reports - Sub-summary



      Reports - Sub-summary


           When using Sub-summary reports, I would like to control what information is included.

           Ex:  Balance Sheet Report to have only “Assets” & “Liabilities” listed.  I have a field “acct_type” that contains: Assets, Liabilities, Expenses, etc.  When I place this filed on the sub-summary, it lists all.  How do I control what is listed?

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               the report is listing all your found set.

               You should script a find for "acct_type" desidered and sort properly.


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                 That worked great. I created a script using Perform Find (specifying the find results with 2 actions for Assets and Liability.

                 However, in the Sub-summary section where I have the field “acct_type”, and in the Sub-summary section directly under where I have the field “acct_group”, it does not show either.

                 I would like for it to display as following under Preview Mode:


                 Assets [field: acct_type]

                        Current Assets [field: acct_group]

                                     Cash [field: acct_name]

                                     Accounts Receivable [field: acct_name]


                 Liability [field: acct_type]

                       Current Liability [field: acct_group]

                                     Accounts Payable [field: acct_name]

                       Long-Term Liability [field: acct_group]

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                   If I am understanding what you have posted correctly, you need three sub summary layout parts. The first sub summary part should specify Acct_type as the "when sorted by" field. The second would specify acct_group as its when sorted by field. and the third would specify acct_name.

                   Then you must sort your records with the fields listed in this order in the sort dialog:


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                     PhilMonkJunk you da best!  That worked exactly like I wanted.