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    Reports ... ?



      Reports ... ?



      I have set up a function that allows me to view the upcoming birthdays for the patients I have. The problem is that when I put the dates I want in the report if no one has a birthday then the report shows everyones birthday in the report. How do I stop this from happening?


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          How are you doing this? In a script?

          If a script, please post the script here. You can copy and paste scripts as text in two ways if you don't want to just type it in line by line:

          1) Use FileMaker Advanced to generate a database design recport. Then open the report, find the script and you can copy and paste from there.

          2) Use Manage Scripts to print the script to a PDF file. You can use then open the PDF and use the PDF reader's text tool to select and copy the script text.

          (If you have a copy of my Known Bugs List database, you can paste the text into the global ScriptPretty field to get both indented loop and if-then blocks as well as HTML tags for a "clean" single spaced, indented paste of your script into the forum's HTML editor.)