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    Reports and Printing.



      Reports and Printing.


      I have set up a Simple Table to Manage Membership of an Association with 15 Fields for Records..

      Everything has gone fine so far with setting up Fields and Entering Records.

      However, I am having problems with being able to produce Reports, for Printing out ALL Fields and Selected Fields of Data. The HELP Files do not seem to cover the aspect of Printing various reports too well.

      Creating and Printing a variety of Reports is an important part of Membership Management.

      Can anyone please assist with this.

      Thank You

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          It is common for a database to have multiple layouts.

          Some databases have more than 200 layouts.

          One layout for Data Entry.

          One layout for List View

          A layout for EACH report.

          It is sometimes useful to examine the Templates databases for Report Layout hints.

          Making a test database for playing with layout design is sometimes useful.

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            You need to create a new layout for each report that you want. Go into Layout mode and click the New Layout/Report button in the Status Area and click through the dialog, specifying the type of layout (List View, etc), the fields you want on the report, the sort order, etc. Once you're done, you can edit the layout/report, move the fields around, change colours, format text, etc. until you get it looking how you want it, ensuring that all the elements on the layout are arranged nicely to fit within the dimensions of your default page size. Go through the same process for each kind of report that you want.






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              Thank you everyone, you have steered me along the correct path.

              The only problem I am left with at the moment is to reduce the Column Print Width to allow the contents of all required Fields to show on the page.

              Help on this would be usefull.


              Thank You again

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                Printing problems are now resolved.

                Thank You