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    Reports based on relational tables



      Reports based on relational tables


      Hi there. I'm still quite new to this and I've got stuck on trying to construct a script to produce a report based on relational tables. I'll try to explain...


      In simple terms I have 2 tables; AccountManager and Sale.


      Each record in Sale is assigned to a single AccountManager.


      An AccountManager record has a name and an office (either UK or USA).


      I'm wanting to basically perform a find on all Sales that have come from, for example, the UK office. So I need to look at each Sale, look at the associated AccountManager and see if their office matches 'UK'.


      How would you go about something like this? I understand that I need to perform a find with multiple Requests, one for each AccountManager who's office is 'UK', but I need to populate these Requests with data (AccountManager::name) from a different table (AccountManager) to the one I wish to perform the search in (Sale).


      Might be a really simple solution, but I just cant get my head around it. Can you help?