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    Reports by type



      Reports by type



           Sorry I am very new to Filemaker...........

           I have created a contacts database that works for us but I am having a little trouble with the reporting side of things.

           The contacts have a type which is a drop downbox (let's say) Type 1, Type 2, Type 3.

           How do I produce a report to only display all type 2 or all type 1 etc.....

           Also is there a way to email all contacts found within that report.

           Please help!smiley


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               There are so many ways to do what you ask, but i can point you in right direction or use a tutorial in the FMP package.


               Create a Layout and design it with logos, graphics, information from you DB records.  Size the layout for your intended output size.

               You can navigate to your reports using scripts activated by Buttons.

               FMP emails are more like "texting" but can attach your reports in picture, pdf's, or other types.

               Using a type field is the way you FIND a uniques set of records for report and emails.  Read a bit more and then we can be more specific.