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    Reports not printing completely



      Reports not printing completely


      Hi, everyone, hope you can help.

      I'm trying to print out a report from my database (FM PR0 12).  Heres where I am at so far:

      1.  Created report from main layout.

      2.  Selected 10 fields from main layout of 35.

      3. Used "FIND" to sort customer list to 65.

      4. Try to print in table view all 'FIND' results.  This would be 2 pages.

      5.  Only prints what fits on the first page, not all the rows across, and not all the columns (names).

      So a few questions:

      a) I know I can reduce the column width (still doesnt fit), but is there a way to reduce all the fonts?

      b) When I reduce the columns, the headings are mostly unreadable.  Is there a way to increase the row where the headings appear.  I apologize, but I guess Im looking for a "word wrap" kind of function.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          What print options did you select in the print dialog? Did you select "records being browsed" or "current record"? You must select "Records being browsed" if you want to print more than just the current record.

          a) Enter layout mode and add any fields you want to see that aren't already on the layout to the layout. You can then select these field and specify a smaller font size in the inspetor or the formatting tool bar.

          b) you might consider smaller field names or, better yet, consider using list view instead of table view. You can set up a layout while in layout mode where the fields are arranged in a row and the body is resized to be no taller than this row of fields. You can then put the field names in the header and you can now use two or more rows for the field names above each column.

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            Hi Phil, seems like your trying to help me everywhere :)..  I appreciate it.

            Actually I need to see all the records from the find, or I would like to see them, on one sheet of paper like a spreadsheet.  If my find produces more records then can fit on one piece of paper, the rest of the records are just cut off.

            I did select 'records being browsed', but like I stated, (in this case), it didnt print all 9 fields across, and didnt print all 67 records (down).

            I'm just a little frustrated because I converted this MS works (free with computer), and life was so much simpler...lol

            Thanks again for any advice


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              I did select 'records being browsed', but like I stated, (in this case), it didnt print all 9 fields across, and didnt print all 67 records (down).

              That makes no sense. Printing with records being browsed will print every record in your found set, using as many pages are are needed to print the rows of records. Since that didn't happen, you'll need to describe your file, your layout and exactly how you printed from this layout before I or anyone else can suggest why that didn't happen.

              Layout objects that located too far to the right will not print. In layout mode, select the printer, page size and page orientation you intend to use when printing from this layout and you'll then see vertical and horizontal lines that represent the location of the edges of the printable area when you are in layout mode. Just to make things confusing, table view will look nothing like what you see in layout mode--another reason to use list view instead of table view for this layout. You can get your spreadsheet like list of records if you design the layout as I have described and use list view.

              You may want to capture a screen shot of your layout and use the controls below Post A Answer to upload it with your next reply.

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                Thanks again, my mentor, Phil. :) I appreciate your help.  I did find the problem.  First resizing helped with width, then I found, whenever I selected print, it was defaulting to "print 1 of 1" instead of "all".

                We have not even got to the hard stuff yet, right?