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Reports not printing completely

Question asked by SteveMartino on May 16, 2012
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Reports not printing completely


Hi, everyone, hope you can help.

I'm trying to print out a report from my database (FM PR0 12).  Heres where I am at so far:

1.  Created report from main layout.

2.  Selected 10 fields from main layout of 35.

3. Used "FIND" to sort customer list to 65.

4. Try to print in table view all 'FIND' results.  This would be 2 pages.

5.  Only prints what fits on the first page, not all the rows across, and not all the columns (names).

So a few questions:

a) I know I can reduce the column width (still doesnt fit), but is there a way to reduce all the fonts?

b) When I reduce the columns, the headings are mostly unreadable.  Is there a way to increase the row where the headings appear.  I apologize, but I guess Im looking for a "word wrap" kind of function.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.