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Reports question

Question asked by ralvy on Jan 9, 2009
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Reports question


Still very new to FMP. Started with FMP 9 Advanced a couple of months ago. Using FMP 10 Advanced now.


A patient billing database with the following hierarchy:


Cases table

Case Diagnoses table

Case Transactions table 


I can easily see how to create a report that shows all Transactions for a given Case, where Case info sits in the Header, and Transactions sit in the Body (one line per Transaction). No problem here.


But I want the list of Diagnoses for this Case to be in the First Page Header, or at least appear on paper to be in the First Page Header.


This is easy in the DOS RDBMS I use (DataPerfect). The Diagnoses are printed in one subreport, and the Transactions are printed in a second subreport, all in the same report.


With FMP, it looks like I need to assemble the Diagnoses in a variable and then print that variable. But since it seems that FMP doesn't offer a way to print a variable (please correct me if that's wrong), it looks like I need to insert that variable's contents in a field (perhaps a global field), and then print that field.


Am I on the right track here?