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Reports with Variable fields

Question asked by KevinO'Neill on Mar 1, 2012
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Reports with Variable fields


I have attached a screen capture of a report. I have to report on our membership statistics every month. 

A member can either put in his 1. Put in his petition 2. Have his EA (1st) degree 3. FC (2nd) degree 4. MM (3rd) Degree 5 Change his membership to another Lodge (Affiliate) or 6. be removed (Death, Withdrawl etc)

I have a field called Status where 1 of those steps is entered in the Database, then I run a report at the end of the month sorted by Status.

What I would love to do is just have the report show only the date that is associated with the relevant Staus. Right now I have to have a column for each Status category.

To clarify, on the attached photo I have circled the Category and category column that relates. Ideally that would be all I would see.

Any help is appreciated