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Reports, Columns, and Page Break question

Question asked by cmspe on Jan 19, 2012
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Reports, Columns, and Page Break question


As a PE teacher, we do weekly runs and print up reports for keeping track of their laps.  I have a layout that prints in two columns, 35 records per column.  I only want one period/class per page, but if a class is less than 35 students(records), then the next period begins in the second column.  This makes it difficult because the next period's class most likely will be over 35 students/records and will, therefore, carry on to the next page.  As a PE teacher, you want to have the entire class on one page so you're not flipping back and forth between two pages.  In the report's layout, I have selected the page break before each occurence for the sub-summary when sorted by the field "Period".  I've tried it many different ways, but to no avail.  Any suggestions.  Please see the picture.