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Question asked by keycoachjohn on Aug 3, 2009
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Hi, a couple of questions for the board.  I've been working to convert my group away from using excel for reporting purposes and over to FM; so far so good.  One of the projects I'm working on has about 150 fields that are displayed on a layout/report for one record.  It's a lot of information and the old school way of presenting it used several pages of excel.  The fields already exist, multple related tables etc... Question is: Without exporting data is there anyway within FM layouts to quickly fabricate a grid to appease the bosses (they still want the old familiiar) and create a quick spot for aliging these fields?  Ultimately the whole prentation needs an overhaul, but for now I need to bridge it over.  Also, I noticed when using a Title Header and Leading Grand Summary that the "body" part rolls over to page 2.  Is there a way to start presenting fields in "body" on page 1 (with the Title Header/Footer?)  Thanks, JE