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Reports: Avoiding Page Breaks within Grouped Records

Question asked by GrahamRedman on Mar 7, 2012
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Reports: Avoiding Page Breaks within Grouped Records


Dear Filemaker Users

Re: Filemaker Pro 11 v3

Does anybody have any ideas as to how I might resolve the issue of avoiding page breaks at inconvenient points when printing out a report?

I have produced a database containing a number of names and addresses, grouped under SURNAME and ADDRESS. Within that group are other members who live at the same address, but often the page breaks occurs in the middle the group.

As an example -

Record 1.    AMOS: The Boulevard



Record 2.    BROWN: 16 James Ave



Record 3.    REDMAN:  High Street



----------PAGE BREAK-------------




Record 4.    SMITH:  17 The Avenue



In this example, I would like the page break to occur after record 2, and before the REDMAN group starts.

The way I am getting round it at the momement is to alter the header and footer margins together with the spacing between records  -  however this is very much hit and miss affair, and it only works with a relatively few number of records.

Any help would be much appreciated.  Many thaks

Graham Redman

Tel:  01903 260568