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Reproducing Vintage Lined background from Pre-v13.

Question asked by NiceThreads on Aug 9, 2015
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Reproducing Vintage Lined background from Pre-v13.


I have a set of dbs that were created long ago (v9) and are still workhorses for my business. Many used the lined background theme, created with a fill pattern of fine horizontal lines, giving it a grey tone. Patterns of lines or dots are no longer available in layouts, and I see when checking an older layout that the pattern is now created by a graphic, which I can't access. I need to create a new layout in the set, and would like it to fit the set visually. 

I've tried copying the image in the Inspector, exporting that layout as a theme, exporting it as a style, and nothing. Is there a filename I can search for that is this pattern image?