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Request aboUT the best approach

Question asked by PeterRavdin on Oct 17, 2012
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Request aboUT the best approach


I have a series of complex but identical contracts. Say 100 Each contract Involves 10 tasks that are sequential and of different lengths of time. At least at first I would like to run this with all operation done on a single machine, but with the potential later to put it on a local network Things i would like to do. 1) I would like to run, say 100 projects (contracts at the same time) 2) I would like to enter a new project as a template as they all are identical 3) I would like to be able on a daily basis to query the program and see all ongoing tasks that are relayed by contract as a report. 4) For ongoing tasks  that are delayed within a given contract I would like to be able to reset the expected completion dates of subsequent tasks. 5) I would like to have some of the tasks alert me say a week prior to when they would be overdue. 6) Being able to look at individual contracts time line would be good. Is filemaker a good way to do this? Other suggestions? Thank for takin a moment. Peter