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Request Help in Creating Pop-up Menus

Question asked by JeffInTokyo on Dec 15, 2008
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Request Help in Creating Pop-up Menus


I am a beginner Filemaker user (2nd week), setting up a simple DB with some related tables. I am having problems creating a simple pop-up menu.


I tried search help contents, but the articles are a little vague. I also tried looking at the examples when creating a new DB, but could not find one that effectively uses pop-up menues.


I am trying to create a simple Pop-up menu that pulls its values from a valuelist. Once a selection is made, I want to populate the a different field in the same layout with the users selection. The problem is when I click on the pop-up menu in browse mode, nothing happens, other than the menu highlights like a button. No popup menu is displayed. I have tried several variations of valuelists, including using a custom value list, or a value list created from a different table. I have also tried selecting different scripts, but ultimately, the pop-up menu acts like a button, and not a pop-up menu.


Steps to Create:

1) Setup MyValueList as 4 static text items (basically 4 peoples names).

2) Set to layout mode

3) New field control

4) FieldControlSetup->Setup, "Display as Pop-up menu", "Display values from MyValueList" 

5) Set "Display Data From" to be set to another field in the same layout. Call it "Manager Name".


At this point, returning to Browse Mode and clicking on the newly created pop-up menue does nothing. I was expecting the pop-up menu to diplay with a list of items from the value list. So what do I need to do to get the pop-up to behave correctly?


Once I get it to display correctly, I suspect I will have to write a script to retrieve the user's selection in the pop-up menu and set the text in the "Manager Name" field. I am not exactly sure on how to write a script the pulls the selection from a pop-up menu, and does something with it.


Once I get the above working, I will ultimately want to use the Popup to select a record in a related table, and populate "Manager Name" field with and ID. The tables are related by an ID.


Note, if anyone has any examples of workings pop-ups, that would be a big help here.