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request/answer query in same layout?

Question asked by jfalberg on Feb 3, 2012
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request/answer query in same layout?


I'm not sure where to start or to determine if this is even possible or how to best approach it. 

We are working with a vendor of an application using Filemaker, and we need to add to it a section which essentially takes in at least one or more requests for search purposes and once a button is pressed it exports to an xml file (fmpxmlresult format), a c# program waits and reads the xml file and sends the information in the form of a request to an external web service, then creates one xml file which essentially contains an answer file (fmpxmlresult format), then the same layout should await and read or import this file and split it up into separate tab sections based on a specific record type field.  Also the xml may contain a base64 value which we'll need to convert into a visible image as well.  My guess is this could be doable so long as the request and answer file have the same key field and each tab could auto-filter on a specific field value.  Can filemaker scripting evan handle converting a base64 value into an image?

I'll need to know if this is even possible in filemaker pro or whether I would need to do this in or a web page to that effect so long as it has an odbc connection.  Please advise.