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requests without matches

Question asked by m10muhammad on Jun 28, 2010
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requests without matches


Version: FileMaker Pro 11 on Mac OS 10.6.2


Background: My database is used for tracking printing machinery specifically relating to purchases, sales, inquiries, etc. There are three main tables: Contacts, Machinery, and Requests. The Contact table includes all of the people (customer, dealer) associated with the database. The Machinery table includes information on each machine either in stock at the company or available for purchase. The Request table has a form where customer's inquiries can be stored (i.e. they ask for specific make, model, and provide a budget). There is also a relationship that allows for a portal to be made on the Request layout which will list all of the items in Machinery table that have identical characteristics to those in the Request record (so if the request is for a 1999 Komori 2000, the page for that request has a portal which lists any machines in the Machinery table that match those criteria). 


What I want to do is create a report that will list each Request with pertinent information (make, model, budget, requested by, etc.) that do not have any matches. The report that I have simply lists all of the Request records in the system, but is there any way to display the layout where only the Requests that do not have any matches are shown (i.e. the List of Matches portal on that specific Request record in empty).


Please advise. Thanks.