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Require field completion when creating a new Record

Question asked by Annette on Jul 3, 2013
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Require field completion when creating a new Record



     I was wondering another way that would require users to complete a field before they leave a layout.  I have tried using the field validation feature (not empty) but what happens when this is on is it prompts with message before they get to complete anything on the layout. 

     My layout is your basic client information layout, Name, Address, Phone, Date of Birth.  The date of birth cannot be left blank as one of the security measures in the database.  When users search for clients it will only show those within the age range of clients they see (children or adults).  All these features work fine, but the problem is when someone enters a new client, doesn't enter the date of birth, then the next time they go to search for the client is doesn't return the record because it was blank and can't veryify the age. 

     You are brought to the layout to create a new client record by a script.  the script in summary says: 

     button runs script....

     Show custom dialogue "Do you want to create a new client?

     if yes go to layout, new record request, set field (this is setting a security measure we have in place)

     Go to field (goes to the first field on the layout to begin data entry)

     Else, go to original layout.

     Now as I said the above works fine and as we want it to, I just need to add the feature of making you complete the DOB field.  When I tried to create a script that worked on layout exit it prompted with the message after every field entry which is not what I want, I just want it to happen whey they try to leave the layout. 

     Is it a layout exit script I want? And if so can someone help me write it so that I don't get prompted after every field as mentioned above? 

     Thanks very much for any help!