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Required Commit Records/Requests After Conversion from FM5 To FM11

Question asked by yellowpike on May 4, 2010


Required Commit Records/Requests After Conversion from FM5 To FM11


I converted a database from FM pro 5.0v3  to FM Pro 11.0v1 (Running XP Pro & Windows 7 64 bit)


I noticed a difference in how FM11 handles a calculated field "CompetitionFeeTotalForFamily" in my Families file as opposed to FM5.


Primary Key is FamID acting to join Students of Families (1 family/ many students).

The "CompetitionFeeTotalForFamily" is a calculated field using 


          If( WaiveCompetition = "Waived"; 0; Sum(FamiliesToStudentsFamID::CompetitionFee20092010))    Not stored- No indexing.


The "CompetitionFee20092010"   is a manually inputed Numbers ($) field in Students file.

The "WaiveCompetition"  is a manually inputed (via drop down list) in Families that allows waiving of the fee.


The "CompetitionFeeTotalForFamily" field in FM5 would ALWAYS properly recalculate to the correct value when switching (via scripted button) back to Families.

Using the same navigation method (identical layouts, fields etc) in FM11 results in the  "CompetitionFeeTotalForFamily"  NOT being updated immediately.

I found that a simple click on ANY blank area of the layout showing  "CompetitionFee20092010" in Students would accomplish the calculation update.

Changing views and/ or layout will also do the trick.


This lead me to nest a Commit Records/Requests script to the button navigating back to Families so the calculation would be updated. 


My hope is to save someone the time it required me to finally nail this bugger !