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Question asked by LarrySmith on Dec 24, 2013
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     Do I really need to make everyone upgrade their OS, in order to use FMP 13?


     The boss wants to upgrade to FMP 13,

     We have some part-timers and contract employees, on their own computers, so it could be a project to upgrade everyone.


     FileMaker 13's new requirements are:


     At least: FileMaker Pro 13 Macintosh (Dec. 13) - Mac OS X 10.7

     FileMaker Pro 13 Windows (Dec. 13) -  Windows 7 Professional or Home Premium


     Does anyone know:

     Does this really not work on Mac OS 10.6?

     Or are there only some minor issues, only with specific functions?


     Are there any documents with more details on why they are saying that is the requirements or if it's really needed?

     Thank you,