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Reservation and Scheduling

Question asked by Jorman on Sep 29, 2011
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Reservation and Scheduling




I am new to Filemaker as of June and it has been a crazy journey. I still trying to learn some of the basics while being asked to perform magic. Thus far I have found creative solutions for most things, but I am finally stumped to the point of asking the question to those that have the knowledge. Thank you ahead of time!

I am currently working on creating a system that will track auditions for a school theatre program. They have specific times during the day that auditions are to be scheduled each day they are holding auditions. I am curious if there is a way for the user to select the day via the drop down calendar function and then have a value list drop down with the available times in the next field. Each day/time combination needs to be unique. Is there a way to remove the already scheduled times within the chosen day to be removed from the Value list?

Once again thank you for any help!