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    RESET FILE PASSWORD for File Maker Pro 11



      RESET FILE PASSWORD for File Maker Pro 11



      I have forgotten my password for a database that I made in FileMaker  Pro 11.  Is there anyway to change the my account password or recover  the database in a way where there is no password  required for  validation? Please help!

      Thanks so much.


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          Passwords should be written down in three places, one on a red piece of paper taped to the ceiling.

          You should keep a copy of a database with a master password you know.

          There are password hacks on the internet. I have not used one.

          Passwords are designed for security, if it was easy to hack them, they would not be secure.

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            That is not what this person asked. Though, I appreciate the humor - we are dealing with a FU#$%NG problem and without a real world answer, your humor is sarcasm. Sarcasm makes us the BUTT of your joke!

            Nikku did not ask "where should I write down my password" or "how many places should I write down my password" nor "what color paper should I use to write down my password".

            Nikku asked you - and I too am wondering, how do we reset our passwords?  I never set a password in my filemaker, and now they are insisting i have one.  i have used Filemaker since it was "FileMaker" before they added a "Pro" or number behind it, and IF a password was set, it was set when Claris still owned FileMaker - so, will you kindly tell me, and Nikku - "HOW do we RESET the password FileMaker is NOW requesting?"

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              davidander's point is that you cannot reset the password on the file. If you could, it would make FileMaker's security system pointless.

              If a file asks for a password when it never did before--which is your situation and not that of the original poster, there are several possible causes. The first thing to try is to enter Admin as the account name and leave the password field blank. If that enables you to open the file, then go to File Options, select the log in using check box and make sure that Admin is entered for the account name and that the password box is left blank. This is the default setting in File Options for any new file.

              On Macs, there's also a tool called "keychain" that can automatically enter the password for a file when you open it. If this widget is changed so that it no longer does this, a file that never seemed to need a password would now ask for the password.

              If this is a file converted from FileMaker 6 or older, that could be opened in the original file but not in the case of the converted file, there are other possible causes for this issue.

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                Well, great.  So, there are "Other Possible Causes for this issue"...

                and, what might they be? Or, is it a secret and I have to pay for the answer?

                YES - I converted my files from Filemaker 6 to FileMaker 11.  I NEVER had a password, to the very best of my knowledge - and If I did, it was created 20 years ago. So, what might those "Other Possible Causes for the Issue" might be?

                Furthermore, the very idea that "the password can not be reset" is absurd. I can reset my bank accounts, my credit cards, my Federal On-Line Tax payment passwords ...

                I have over 150 fields in my primary relationship driven database. If I have to rebuild this database from the bottom up, I am going to make sure I let every blog on the internet know that Filemaker is NOT a user friendly database for anyone but geeks, nerds and programmers who loves to spend hundreds of hours rewriting programming languages that they wrote already, and have to rewrite if they ever wish to upgrade to a later version. This simply stupid - considering I NEVER HAD A PASSWORD!

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                  When you "reset a bank account", you have to answer all kinds of questions to prove that you have a right to this information. How would you do that to reset a database file?

                  I didn't choose to spell out any more detail in my last post as I didn't know until you confirmed it that the files had just been converted. If you don't fully describe your situation, it's difficult to help you. Frankly, with all the harsh language, I'm tempted to drop this entire thread. I've got better things to do than be yelled at by you. (and no, I don't work for FileMaker Inc. I'm helping you because you need help and because I choose to, not because I have to.)

                  Did you try opening the files with Account Admin and password left blank? That method usually opens most recently converted files if there was no password defined in the original file. You can then go to File Options to fix this so that you don't get asked for passwords in the future.

                  Can you use Filemaker 6 to open the original files and check for passwords?

                  FileMaker 6 passwords consisted of a single password with no account name and the passwords were not case sensitive. If there were any passwords defined in the original file, the converted files will have accounts for each such password with the password set up as both the account name and the password. Thus, if you had a password defined as xyz in the original file, you should be able to open the file by entering xyz in the account box and then xyz also in the password box. Passwords are case sensitive in FileMaker 11 and they were not case sensitive in FileMaker 6. Since you can see the actual passwords, if any that were defined in the original files when you open it with Filemaker 6, checking for them will also show you what letters, if any were capitalized.

                  If all else fails you can call FileMaker tech support. While I can't promise it, I don't think they'll charge for this kind of issue.

                  There's also this knowledge base article on file conversion you might want to read:  http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/750/kw/converting

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                    "I am going to make sure I let every blog on the internet know that  Filemaker is...[ a very secure application to entrust your data to, as the security system works and passwords can't simply be re-set.]"  I think that would be an excellent idea.

                    You said originally that you made the file in FM11, but later you clarified that you made it 20 years ago and converted it to FM11.  That is a significantly different scenario.

                    The changes to security from FM6 to FM11 are well documented,  including all the steps that Phil outlined.

                    In the instances where you say that you can 'reset your password' my understanding is that it is usual to need to know the existing password so that you can change it to something else.  FM also allows that facility.

                    Presumably Phil did not outline every single possibility that could cause your situation as it would seem reasonable to use the 80/20 rule to quickly list the more likely solutions before delving deeper to the less likely ones.  He may also have felt that a quick response may be more helpful to you than for you to have to wait while he pondered every technical possibility.

                    If your file originally had a password then it was being opened by something like a key-chain feature, or was set to automatically open with a default username and password (or if it has been there for 20 years, with a password).  If it never had a password then I would be 99% certain that Phil's suggestion of using 'Admin' and [blank] will solve your problem.

                    Life's often stressful or boring - I appreciate the odd flash of humour in the forum, davidanders' included.

                    And my advice to Nikku? - contact Filemaker Inc.  My understanding from reading their documentation is that they will try and help, providing you can convince them of your ownership of the file.  I have no idea how one would do that, but I certainly appreciate that they should make it very difficult.

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                      Alan Sands:

                      Thank you for your posts.  Please see your Inbox at the top of this page for additional information.

                      FileMaker, Inc.

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                         hey this is something creative that might not work.


                        when you open the file maker file in 11 hold down shift when it come up with a user name and password go


                        and then no password.

                        long shot but maybe file maker created a defualt user witch is admin with no password give it a go

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                          Hi there. Thank you to PhilModJunk for posting about changing to admin and leaving the password blank. That worked indeed!

                          I have a follow-up question. Is there a way to disable the login at all now that I am in? I've created a few databases now in FileMaker Pro 11, and this is the first time that I have been required to login. I did go to File Options, but the option for logging in is not checked at all. And just to be clear, I created this file as well as others I am using with my current version of FileMaker Pro 11 (so I am a little perplexed at the differences Smile).

                          Much appreciated,